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A Critique of Analytical Moral Philosophy Khawaja Muhammad Saeed
Architectonics of Science Fiction: A Critical Note on Issac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy Ashutosh Mohan
Social Support: Its Linkages with Personality, Depression and Anger V.V. Upmanyu, Sujata Minhas, Fariba Moradi, Goloshejerdi
Kyoto Protocol: Toothless and Obsolete Surender Singh
Re-Locating History and Identity: A Study of
1 . Allan Sealy's The Trotternama
Gursheek Kaur
Energy Efficiency and Structural Change in India 1996-2002: A Divisia Index Approach Sabita Acharya and Umakant Dash
Traditional Temple Terracottas: Intrusion of Western Subject-matter and Imagery Rajinder Bhandari
Technology and Teacher Education Sangeeta and Rekha
The Punjab State Electricity Board: Past, Present and Future Nisha Bhargava and Shakuntala Gupta
Jane Austen: Quest For Moral Autonomy Anita Kaushal
W.T.O.Agreement on Agriculture (AOA) and India's Agricultural Exports Neera Verma
Book Reviews
Quality of Management Education: The Challenge of Changing Scenario Debashis Acharya
Diversification of Cropping Pattern : A Re-Examination M.M.Goel
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